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By guest, Feb 5 2015 10:40PM

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Oct 24 2015 04:55PM by Barbara Roll

Dr. Phillip DeBaecke truly is the most knowledgeable and caring vet. Give him a try and you will not regret. He is so knowledgeable, his father was a great vet too. It runs in his family he is like a real life Dr. Dolittle and the animals love him and he handles them with the best care and upmost dignity and respect. In a society where many doctors just seem to have a business with the bottom line money. Dr. sees you and your pet as a family and treats you as such. Dr. Phillip DeBaecke provides the best for you and your pet and I really respect him and his opinions. He truly is amazing. I just wish his office was closer to where we live but he is worth the drive.

Oct 4 2019 04:40PM by Michelle McGill

We love this vet! Our dog Jax had a growth on his eye lid, and the vet we were going to(not anymore!) went through all this testing, including a very expensive echo of his heart, for surgery for this growth! So we wanted a second opinion, and 2 of my friends recommended this vet. We made and appt, and after a few mins, he said he could remove it right then and there, no surgery needed! We had also found out that our Jax needed meds for his heart, and the other vet had quoted a high price, but here we got a better price! All in all, we have decided to make country animal clinic our regular vet!

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