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By guest, Feb 5 2015 10:40PM

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Oct 24 2015 04:55PM by Barbara Roll

Dr. Phillip DeBaecke truly is the most knowledgeable and caring vet. Give him a try and you will not regret. He is so knowledgeable, his father was a great vet too. It runs in his family he is like a real life Dr. Dolittle and the animals love him and he handles them with the best care and upmost dignity and respect. In a society where many doctors just seem to have a business with the bottom line money. Dr. sees you and your pet as a family and treats you as such. Dr. Phillip DeBaecke provides the best for you and your pet and I really respect him and his opinions. He truly is amazing. I just wish his office was closer to where we live but he is worth the drive.

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